Thursday, June 2, 2011

M.AC.'s New Beauty Blogger Designed Makeup

 Via Twitter I saw a lot of my fellow Beauty Bloggers raving about a contest, in which nine lucky beauty bloggers were given the amazing opportunity to create their own eye shadow or Lipglass as part of the company's newest collection—Bloggers' Obsessions—on shelves June 21 through August 2 (and available only online at  

*Beauty Bloggers Included:
 -Christine Mielke of shade: emerald green with teal and gold pearl)
-Lesley Ellen Mirza of (muted grey-blue)
-Lianne Farbes of (dark grey with silver pearl)
...And the Lipglass creators:
-Karen Monterichard of (her shade: peachy pink with multi-colored flecks)
-Patrice Yursik of (shimmery purple)
-Lily Nima of (persimmon orange)
-Aileen De Los Angeles of (pearly coral)
-Wendy Lam of (shiny red)

*Via: Allure

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