Sunday, November 25, 2012

Apologize For Having Great Hair?!

Hey dolls, I know it's been ages! But I'm back and I have a topic I want to discuss with you all. Natural hair is an epidemic, we know! My thing is, natural hair is glorified, and some agree some don't. Hey that's a debate for another time. I personally love my natural hair. I've never felt more "Me" than I do now. I recently got my hair straightened, and got a mixed response from it. A magnitude of people thought I relaxed my hair, to the point where I was on the total defense defending my natural tresses. Others, just couldn't BELIEVE I was "Natural". What is Natural? So, according to the definition Natural Hair; is defined as "Hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers." What upsets me most about this definition is (The best is yet to come) lol "An Afro hairstyle is sometimes referred to as "natural," but natural black hair can be worn in many other styles besides a short fro." Meditate on that! I do not have to wear my hair in an Afro because I'm natural. Nor, will I be conformed to a hairstyle because it makes others feel better about themselves. This natural hair phenomenon is becoming something that may end up dividing us, rather than bringing us together. Let's not make this something that will hinder us. We've come so far as a people, let's continue to move FORWARD. Just my thoughts. . . .


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  1. I think it's nice that a lot of women are doing the whole natural thing, but it's definitely a topic that will cause controversy among black women. I have been natural for a little over a year now and wear my hair straight all the time, which leads a lot of people to not even know that my hair isn't relaxed unless I tell them. I feel like at the end of the day wear your hair in the style that's most comfortable to you, whether that's straight, curly, weaved up, in an afro, etc. By no means are you conforming to the dominany society's "ideal" beauty image, as many would say, when you straigten your hair or weave it up. I, like most women, love change. With that said, I may rock a weave this week, my natural hair in a straight hairstyle the following week, and a short, fly cut with a perm a year from now. As long as I feel beautiful and confident that's all that matters. And let it be known that with or without a relaxer I will ALWAYS be just as proud to be a black woman as the next.