Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My New Website

You can check out my work and more at! I'm so elated to watch my dreams take shape right before me, dolls follow your dreams, and don't except anything less!

~Queen Of The Glam~


  1. You definitely know how to advertise beauty! I love the way you highlight the red lips in the black and white photo. And the site is easy to navigate and quite user-friendly. Anyway, your business will surely be a great hit to women who want to look and feel good.

    Frida Stanton

  2. Thank you, I truly appreciate it. Be sure to contact me if you're ever in need of my services

  3. I've tried clicking the link above, but it seems that you're website isn't working. I can't access it. Do you have a new website? I'm hoping to get a response from you. You really have the skills and the talent of a make-up artist! Can I see some of your latest work? Thanks!

    Francis Miller @ Priority Media Solutions