Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beyonce Covers Instyle Magazine September 2011 Issue

Beyonce is most certainly in demand for covering the most magazines this year! She’s wearing a glitzy gold Dolce & Gabbana starry mini dress and necklace for the occasion, and looking ultra fab might I add.
Here are a few highlights from the interview. . .
On whether she has regrets taking so much time off since the last album
“I sacrificed so much as a kid and as a teenager. I have no regrets because my job kept me focused. When you’re young (18 or 19) you have the energy and drive. That’s the time to work as hard as you can. Now I’m a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children.”

On her guilty pleasures during her free time
“In my free time I prefer to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV. I have to confess that my guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore.”
On why girlfriends are so important “I am a girl’s girl. Women who don’t have female friends scare me. I love my friends, and I love sitting with them and listening to their stories.”

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