Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feed Your Scalp and Nourish Your Hair!

Below are 8 top foods that should be staples within your eating
plan. (Via Natural Hair Community)

No. 1: Eat your beans. Ok, wipe the frown off of your face - that
is if you don't like eating beans. The truth is beans are really
good for your hair because they provide protein (among other
nutrients) which promotes hair growth.

No. 2: Don't you just love broccoli and spinach? Even if your
answer to the previous question was a resounding 'no', try to
incorporate several dark green vegetables in your eating plan
because they're packed with vitamins A and C.

No. 3: Brazil nuts are an important part of maintaining a
healthy scalp. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, and cashews provide an
excellent source of zinc. Research shows that hair shedding can be
caused by zinc deficiency.

No. 4: Regardless of how they're
served up - over easy, scrambled or boiled - eggs are a very good
source of protein and should be included in your meal plan.

No. 5: Ok, the next food should be an easy sell to most people.
Just about everyone likes carrots, right? Including carrots in your
meal plan will give you an excellent source of vitamin A which
promotes a healthy scalp.

No. 6: Calcium is an important component to maintaining healthy
natural hair. Eating low-fat dairy products like yogurt, cottage
cheese or skim milk will provide you with calcium and protein.

No. 7: Incorporate more whole grains into your diet to add a
healthy dose of B vitamins, iron and zinc. So, the next time you're
at the grocery store make sure you pick up your favorite
whole-grain breakfast cereal and whole-wheat bread.

No. 8: What does feathers, scales and cowhide have in common with
each other? Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it, but
these items are all protective coverings for a very important part
of your meal plan. Chicken, turkey, lean-beef and salmon provide
high-quality sources of protein - in addition to other nutrients.

Although hair care regimens are extremely important! What you put in your body affects your hair as well. So please take heed to these tips beauties, and start on your healthy hair journey TODAY! **Smooches**

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