Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Transition into Fall: Skin Care Edition

Fall is amongst us beauties, and changes need to be made in your skin care regimen! First and foremost, it's essential to lubricate and hydrate the skin. I'd recommend using oil-based products to give you the moisture you'll need during the colder months. Also, when taking showers/baths please keep in mind that those hot showers we all love to take, depletes oil production in the skin. We definitely don't want to do that, oil is needed in the skin. Let's keep all that moisture locked in, not remove it! So take lukewarm showers instead. After showering, pat dry and immediately apply moisturizer! While during the hotter months, light-weight lotions are ideal. During the cooler months you can now try a heavier consistency product such as, facial creams they're great for the Fall/ Winter months. To prevent dead cells, this appears as “ashy skin” replenish, hydrate, and moisturize! Drink plenty of water, please be mindful that even if you have oily skin that doesn't mean that you don't need hydration. Oil and hydration are two very different things, we all need to hydrate our skin. Please remember that healthy skin starts with diet and water. I hope these tips were helpful, there's so many body crèmes, facial, and hand crèmes out there try them out this season! It's been a pleasure dolls **Bye for now**

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